FIT Manuals

The six manuals cover every aspect of feedback-informed practice including: empirical foundations, basic and advanced applications (including FIT in groups, couples, and with special populations), supervision, data analysis, and agency implementation. Each manual is written in clear, step-by-step, non-technical language, and is specifically designed to help practitioners and agencies integrate FIT into routine clinical practice. Indeed, the manuals were submitted as part of ICCE's application for consideration of FIT as an "evidence-based practice" to the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.

Implementing Feedback Informed Treatment is not just about software. Therefore we have created a complete implementation framework covering all aspects from introduction to outcome measurement to leveraging aggregate data to improving organizational quality and service delivery.

The manuals were submitted as part of the application for consideration of Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) as an "evidence-based practice" to the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.

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Training Events

Every year under our banner of the ICCE we have the pleasure of working with hundreds of behavioral health professionals and managers of public and private agencies in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We have a unique and privileged view regarding the needs and challenges facing the field around implementation of Feedback Informed practice and implementing outcome measures in clinical networks.

The training programmes offered are based on the latest empirical evidence and will help you, your staff or agency, improve both outcome and efficiency. In fact, research published to date, documents a 65% increase in effectiveness while cutting drop out rates in half.

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