Navigating the OpenFIT Home Screen

The OpenFIT Home screen

The home screen in OpenFIT is designed to allow you to quickly and easily require your cases and their status.

  1. Main navigation menu
  2. Header - You can change language from this screen and log out of the system.
  3. Add Case button - From here you can Create a new Case, add Client(s) and Collateral Raters(s).
  4. Search bar - To make it quicker and easier to find Cases and Clients you can use the Search bar.
  5. Case Details Grid - There are two Grids on the Home screen. The first contains the list of Cases.
  6. Client Details Grid - This is the second Grid on the Home screen and there is one associated with each Case. This Grid contains the list of Clients and Collateral Raters associated with a Case.
  7. Client Summary Button - This allows you to quickly see a Summary of a Clients graph without having to go to the Client Feedback Details screen.
  8. ORS and SRS Summary - You can quickly see the status of your Clients latest scores.
  9. Edit and Delete Case buttons
  10. Edit and Delete Client buttons
  11. List Client Tooltip - If you hover or tap this icon you can view the Clients associated with a Case without having to expand the Client details grid.
Key Concepts and Entities Navigating the Sessions and Feedback Screen