Setup new users

When you start using OpenFIT as an administrator one of the first tasks is to create new users.

Work Email (Username)
We use the email address as the username. This allows us to send relevant notifications and hints and tips to users.
External Key
If your agency uses unique identifiers for employees you can enter that number in the External Key field.
Default Company Location
If your agency has multiple departments or has outreach locations such as for addiction services you can assign.
You can assign OpenFIT role to the new user according to their working role in your agency.

After you click save the new user will receive an email explaining how to login into OpenFIT for the first time.

Managing Logins and Passwords

For users who have lost their password there are two options:

  1. The user can use the password reset screen
  2. Alternatively you can reset the users password from the users section as per the screenshot below.

Deactivating Users

When an employee leaves your agency or no longer requires access to OpenFIT you can deactivate set their status to deactivated.

Transferring data between users

If you require data to be transferred from one user to another please email and we can assist you with the process. Remember that clinicians can share data with ther clinicians using the share case facility.