About us

Enda Madden

Enda Madden Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Enda has over 10 years experience in the global technology and healthcare industries.

Motivated by the opportunity to give patients access to their healthcare data and have a meaningful input into treatment decisions he co-founded GroupNos with Dr. Scott Miller and Brendan Madden.

As a break from the norm Enda likes to sample Guinness all over the world (with one exception) visiting places including Iran, Iraq, India, Tibet, and Guatemala.

Brendan Madden

Brendan Madden Co-founder & Chairman

Brendan has 20 years experience in healthcare operations management. A seasoned healthcare entrepreneur he sold his Irish behavioural health company in 2008 to Workplace Options US. Co-author of an international textbook on brief behavioural health interventions, Brendan allies his strong clinical background with extensive sales and business development experience.

Having grown up on a farm he’s an aficionado of vintage tractors, an enthusiasm his son shares. His daughters remain to be convinced.